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since my life has decided that drumming will no longer feature in it, I am spending my time in the Solar Studio (Shed) honing my airbrush skills, of which I am enjoying immensely. I started airbrushing near the end of Carrera Drums, airbrushing the badges which looked cool, so I have decided to invest time […]

Sad day for me
well I knew it was coming & have been fighting it for 4 years, but today see’s me retire fully from drumming. My git of a dicky lung has flared [...]
#Stoptober waste of time
For most wanting to give up smoking. No better than new years eve resolutions of which we are all guiltily of reneging on. Drugs, alcohol,  smoking and [...]
I’M FaceBook FREE
I’M FaceBook FREE
Wonderful @STOMP yesterday
Was great to Meet friends @ScottOttaway and Danny and seeing STOMP west end show. Great fun and a show you must go and see. I am working on a better, I [...]
I’M on Twitter Is where I will pop my thoughts on drumming, share ideas and give some free lessons so hit me up or whatever the street [...]
Fun MSI last night
Had yet another fun time at where 3 panelists discuss and vote which submitted song is the song of the week and inject a bit, well a lot of [...]
Birthday at Mr Bumbles Camberly
popped down to this fine music venue to calibrate the 1st FREAKjam birthday and see 15 custom TShirts I made for the event via and I have to [...]
Not being “Social” is
so refreshing. Closing my Fb and Twitter accounts for Carrera Drums / Dave Carrera Drums has been an REAL life changing event, well in internet land [...]

yep, my day today will be making a batch of custom t shirts for a good friend of mine to celebrate a 1st anniversary later in the week, no not him and his wife’s, but a Jam Nights 1st anniversary. Custom T Shirts are a great personal product, and I love helping make them happen […]